BISD tax rates detailed

All taxpayers are concerned about the taxes they pay, and residents in Bullard ISD’s service area are no exception. Currently, the district is ranked 11th overall of the Region 7 schools. The district is No. 20 on the I&S tax rate which services the district’s construction bonds.

Overall, the district’s tax rate is $1.47 of which the I&S tax rate is $.30.

BISD’s tax rate has remained the same for the past seven years. The last time the district’s tax rate was lower was in 1998 at $1.4184. That year, enrollment was 1,313. This fall, the district is serving more than 2,300 students.

Superintendent Keith Bryant said, “BISD is committed to keeping the tax rates as low as possible while serving our growing student population.”

The following documents detail this historical tax rate and the district’s ranking with ESC Region 7 school districts.

Historical Tax Rate Info – Dec. 2013

ESC7 Tax Rates – Overall

ESC7 Tax Rates – I&S

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