Dallas Holocaust Museum

Students from Mrs. Kotzur’s sixth grade social studies classes at Bullard Intermediate School toured the Dallas Holocaust museum Dec. 12.

They not only had an opportunity to tour artifacts from World War II and the holocaust, but they were also able to hear a holocaust survivor share his account of being saved during the war.

The exhibit focuses on three events that occurred on April 19, 1943.  These events include the Warsaw Ghetto uprising by the Jews, an account of how Belgian Jews were saved while traveling to a concentration camp, and the Bermuda conference where some of the Allied nations discussed the issue of genocide going on in Europe.  Holocaust1_web

Paul Kessler shared how, at only five years old, he survived the German invasion of his small Czechoslovakian village.  Brave neighbors hid him and his mother in a pit in the ground for seven months.  When the war was over he was reunited with his aunt and uncle who, unknown to them at the time, had been hidden by neighbors as well.   Two weeks later he was reunited with his grandmother who had been sent to a concentration camp.

Students listened closely as he recalled the day he had traveled to Auschwitz to research the death of his father.  He showed students a copy of the paper that documented the information about his father and the date of his death.  Students commented on how much they enjoyed learning about this important time in world history.  The trip was paid for in part by a grant through the Roosth Foundation.

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