Band takes state titles

The Bullard High School Band won 24 Medals at the U.I.L. State Solo & Ensemble Contest on Monday, May 26, 2014 on the campus of Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas.  The Panther Band had 38 students competing on woodwind, brass, percussion and twirling solos and ensembles.  I am very proud of all these students that competed.  Practicing and performing this literature that they do not see in the full band setting, helps make our band program better.  Congratulations to all 38 of these students who competed.

The Panther Band received eleven First Division ensemble gold medals, seven First Division solo gold medals and six Second Division solo silver medals giving the Panther Band twenty-four First Division medals at the State U.I.L. Solo & Ensemble Contest.

First Divison Ensemble Gold Medal Winners

Brass Sextet:  Ethan Beam, Caitlin Adams, Madeline McAlister, Dessie McFarland, Matthew Riley, J.W. McFarland

Brass Quintet:  Ethan Beam, Matthew Bradley, Madeline McAlister, Ashton Dorsey, Jessie Bell 

 First Division Solo Gold Medal Winners:

 Twirling Solos:  Lexi Abercrombie, Sammie Berryhill, Kara Kuczkowski, Hannah Reschke, Abby Rhodes

Keyboard Percussion Solo:  Cameron Sanson

Multiple Percussion Solo:  Cameron Vickers

Second Division Silver Medal Winners:

Twirling Solos: Katie Gilbert, Jocelyn Hodges, Codie Lovelady, Sheridan Smith

Trombone Solo:  Dessie McFarland

Multiple Percussion Solo:  Lainie Lasseter

We thank the Bullard community for their overwhelming support of the band program all year long.  Also, we thank the faculty, administration and staff of Bullard I.S.D. for their tremendous support of the Panther Bands.  In addition, we give a special thanks to the Band Boosters and all band parents for their incredible commitment to the band program and each student.  We know we could not be successful without all your support.

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