Traffic flow 2015

Construction in the district will impact the traffic flow at the High School, Middle School and Intermediate School. Please be patient with us as we work through the first week of school Remember, our first priority is the safety of our students.

The first two weeks, the district will have personnel stationed at key locations to help with traffic flow. Please look for the traffic monitors and yield to their direction.

 High School
HS traffic flow

Car traffic will enter the High School through the north entrance off of HW2493. We have created a traffic lane that takes vehicles around the construction fencing to the south exit. During morning and afternoon, these will be one-way lanes.

Bus traffic will enter the bus lane off of Panther Crossing. No vehicles will be allowed in this area. Buses will exit the south HS entrance. Please yield to buses in the parking lot.

The first four rows in the parking lot will be dedicated to faculty and staff parking. Students may not park in these rows. There are six visitor parking spots in the first row for parents who have business in the building.

 Middle School
MS traffic flow

Car traffic will enter the MS parking lot circle from HW344. Vehicles may exit the parking lot to the left to HW344 or to the right to the Intermediate School traffic circle or to School House Road. Please yield to buses.

Bus traffic will enter the south side of the MS parking lot from the Primary School and load at the end of the east wing. They will cross traffic at the MS to pick up at the IS front circle. Please yield to bus traffic.

Intermediate School
IS traffic flow

Car traffic will enter the Intermediate School traffic circle off of the entrance from HW344. Students will be released at the IS gym entrance. Please note the stop signs at the end of the lane and yield to bus traffic on the main road. Cars in the left lane must turn left towards the Middle School; cars in the right lane must go straight to the HW344 exit.

Bus traffic will enter the front IS traffic circle from the MS and will load at the front door. They will continue on their routes towards the MS, turning left to pick up at the Elementary School. Please yield to buses at all intersections.

The Bullard Police Department will have officers stationed at key locations in the community to direct traffic.

Again, be patient and yield to the buses as we start the new school year.

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