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CURRENT YEAR Calendar Change Survey


Calendar change


2016 Calendar Change Survey


Due to House Bill 2610, Texas school districts are now required to be in session for a total of 75,600 minutes (as opposed to the previous 180 days). This provides local districts, such as Bullard ISD, more flexibility in their scheduling. For the current school year (2015-2016), with the unused bad weather days, banked minutes, and challenges involved with construction on campuses, it has been proposed to shorten the school year by 2 instructional days.

The last day of student instruction would be Wednesday, May 25th. May 26 & 27 would become teacher work days and would be utilized for the entire district to prepare for and adjust to the changes associated with the renovation and construction taking place this summer.

This is a Proposed schedule change, and prior to making any decisions the District is requesting the input from students, parents, and the community in order to ensure the suggested changes do not create unanticipated complications for our families and community.

The approval or rejection of this suggested change to the current year’s schedule will be announced at the March 28, 2016 School Board Meeting.


Teacher of the Year Nominations


Teacher of the Year Nominations


Here at Bullard ISD we are blessed with an abundance of amazing teachers who impact the lives of students daily. Their commitment to excellence in teaching, encouraging students, and community involvement set them apart as role models for the next generation. This is your opportunity to champion the teacher who you feel best exemplifies the description of a Teacher of the Year.

Nominations Open Monday, Feb 15th

Nominations Close Friday, March 18th

Please submit the online form in order to nominate a teacher for this outstanding recognition.

Online Nomination Form


Campus Teacher of the Year will be announced late March/early April. The Campus Teachers of the Year will be considered and 1 Elementary (K-6) and 1 Secondary (7-12) teacher will be selected as the Bullard ISD District Teacher of the Year in early May.

The District Teachers of the Year will be submitted to he Region 7 ESC Teacher of the Year program, which is affiliated with the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Texas State Teacher of the Year Program.



Bullard ISD recognizes that great teachers are critical to student success. BISD will honor the district’s most exceptional educators through the Teacher of the Year program. Part of the selection process allows educators, parents, and community members to provide recommendations for Teacher of the Year candidates using this form. A Teacher of the Year will be selected for each campus and then progress to a District Teacher of the Year.

Below are some of the factors which will be considered as part of the Teacher of the Year selection process.   A teacher of the year should possess the following characteristics:

  • The ability to inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;
  • The respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues; and
  • Play an active and useful role in the community as well as in the school.

You may choose to address one or more of these factors in your recommendation.

  • Teaching skill and dedication;
  • Respect for and rapport with students with parents and/or coworkers;
  • Contributions to school and/or community groups and activities.

**Please direct questions to Laura Jones, 903-894-2804 or

2016-17 Proposed Calendar Survey

PROPOSED 2016-17 School Calendar


The Bullard ISD District Education Improvement Council is working to complete a 2016-17 school calendar.  Due to new legislature, the calendar will reflect slightly different than years past (see below).  They have reviewed numerous calendars and discussed priorities and concerns with each scenario.  The following calendar has been proposed as an option, however they are requesting the input of the parents, students, staff and community members.

Please take a moment to complete the simple online survey to share your comments, concerns and opinions.

Please only submit 1 entry per person.

Proposed Calendar Survey (NOW CLOSED) 


*** Note this is not the finalized 2016-17 school calendar.  Bullard ISD will release a finalized calendar following the March 2016 School Board Meeting*** 2016-17 Proposed Calendar

*First Day of Student Instruction- August 22, 2016

*Last Day of Student Instruction- May 26, 2017

*** 2 weeks of inservice and workdays prior to student instruction is unique to the 2016-17 calendar when BISD is opening a new campus and re-entering 4 remodeled & renovated campuses.   Other options for staff development days could be Nov 21 & 22, Dec 19 & 20, or June 1&2 2017.


As a result of new Texas State legislature, House Bill 2610, the school year requirements have shifted from 180 days of instruction to 75,600 minutes of instruction.  Teachers are still required to work 187 days per year.


Valentine’s Day Sale

Send your student a Valentine! 

All complete order forms and payment must be submitted no later than February 5th.  Forms may be sent to the HomeRoom teacher (probably best to be in an envelope to avoid prying eyes) or may be turned in at Primary, Intermediate or High School Offices! 


Bullard Primary ORDER FORM: 

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.50.51 AM

Bullard Elementary, Intermediate, Middle and High School ORDER FORM: Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.50.42 AM



** Balloons may not be sent to Bullard Primary School**