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2016 Calendar Change Survey


Due to House Bill 2610, Texas school districts are now required to be in session for a total of 75,600 minutes (as opposed to the previous 180 days). This provides local districts, such as Bullard ISD, more flexibility in their scheduling. For the current school year (2015-2016), with the unused bad weather days, banked minutes, and challenges involved with construction on campuses, it has been proposed to shorten the school year by 2 instructional days.

The last day of student instruction would be Wednesday, May 25th. May 26 & 27 would become teacher work days and would be utilized for the entire district to prepare for and adjust to the changes associated with the renovation and construction taking place this summer.

This is a Proposed schedule change, and prior to making any decisions the District is requesting the input from students, parents, and the community in order to ensure the suggested changes do not create unanticipated complications for our families and community.

The approval or rejection of this suggested change to the current year’s schedule will be announced at the March 28, 2016 School Board Meeting.


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