Peach Jar Coming Soon


Beginning August 2016 Bullard ISD will be implementing a digital e-flyer distribution program.  Flyers will be delivered to parents via electronic methods.

Watch the 1 minute video explaining what PeachJar is.



In August all parents with current email addresses in their Student’s File will receive a “Welcome to PeachJar” email.  Parents will be able to login and customize their delivery details and they will only receive flyers from the schools which you have students enrolled.

All flyers will also be available on the Bullard ISD or School Website and through the Bullard ISD Smartphone App.

See PeachJar Frequently Asked Questions Here

Community Agencies

Community partners will be able to send e-flyers home to students at specific campuses or district-wide for a slight fee.  Contact PeachJar at ________________________.

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