The traffic flow map for the Elementary School and the new Primary School is out (drawing below). The purpose of this traffic flow is to relieve the congestion on Panther Crossing.

Parents of students in grades 1-4 will enter at point A, the entrance east of the ES.

If you only have students in 3-4, turn right at point B and follow the arrows to the ES cafeteria where you will drop off/pick up your students. You can exit at point C, turning left to Panther Crossing or right the the PS.

If you have students on both campuses, continue around to point C and turn right. Follow the arrows to the PS cafeteria for drop off/pick up.

If you only have students in 1-2, enter at point A and travel around the loop to point D. Exit at point F. Please yield to buses at point E.

The district will have employees at key points the first week of school to help you navigate the loop. We encourage you to make a practice run this weekend to familiarize yourself with the flow.



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