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CR3601 closed

County Road 3601 in Cherokee County has been closed due to the heavy rains.

Until the road opens, we will pick up riders at the intersection of CR3601 and CR2137 on one end and CR3601 and HW346 on the other.

Transportation personnel will drive the route tomorrow to see if they can find an alternative.

New BISD campus

Breaking ground

BISD School Trustees and guests officially broke ground for the new first/second grade campus. The new campus is part of the bond project that will see renovations and additions at four of the five district’s campuses.

Taking part in tossing dirt were Todd Schneider, superintendent; board members Jason Campbell, Tiffany Kirgan, Michael Roy and Karen Padrucco; architects Kent Harris and Mike Craig; WRL’s David Detton; and board members Tony Johnson and Dr. John Alexander.

Traffic flow 2015

Construction in the district will impact the traffic flow at the High School, Middle School and Intermediate School. Please be patient with us as we work through the first week of school Remember, our first priority is the safety of our students.

The first two weeks, the district will have personnel stationed at key locations to help with traffic flow. Please look for the traffic monitors and yield to their direction.

 High School
HS traffic flow

Car traffic will enter the High School through the north entrance off of HW2493. We have created a traffic lane that takes vehicles around the construction fencing to the south exit. During morning and afternoon, these will be one-way lanes.

Bus traffic will enter the bus lane off of Panther Crossing. No vehicles will be allowed in this area. Buses will exit the south HS entrance. Please yield to buses in the parking lot.

The first four rows in the parking lot will be dedicated to faculty and staff parking. Students may not park in these rows. There are six visitor parking spots in the first row for parents who have business in the building.

 Middle School
MS traffic flow

Car traffic will enter the MS parking lot circle from HW344. Vehicles may exit the parking lot to the left to HW344 or to the right to the Intermediate School traffic circle or to School House Road. Please yield to buses.

Bus traffic will enter the south side of the MS parking lot from the Primary School and load at the end of the east wing. They will cross traffic at the MS to pick up at the IS front circle. Please yield to bus traffic.

Intermediate School
IS traffic flow

Car traffic will enter the Intermediate School traffic circle off of the entrance from HW344. Students will be released at the IS gym entrance. Please note the stop signs at the end of the lane and yield to bus traffic on the main road. Cars in the left lane must turn left towards the Middle School; cars in the right lane must go straight to the HW344 exit.

Bus traffic will enter the front IS traffic circle from the MS and will load at the front door. They will continue on their routes towards the MS, turning left to pick up at the Elementary School. Please yield to buses at all intersections.

The Bullard Police Department will have officers stationed at key locations in the community to direct traffic.

Again, be patient and yield to the buses as we start the new school year.

TRS Activecare enrollment

Medical Insurance Enrollment!  TRS Activecare rates are out, and enrollment is going to be different this year.

All employees have access to self-enroll in medical insurance instead of waiting in long lines at enrollment, so we are asking you to go online now to elect coverage for 2015-2016 (see InRoll Login Instructions).

We will not have enrollment during the first week of school, but Gentry Financial will be here August 4 and 6 for new employee enrollment and to assist any current employees with medical enrollment online.  Current TRS Activecare rates, TRS Activecare plan highlights, TRS Activecare enrollment form, BISD Voluntary benefit Info and BISD InRoll Login instructions are available at:

Please see enrollment instructions below:

BISD Benefit Enrollment for Medical Insurance

Tuesday, August 4, 2014

Location: High School Library

Time: 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 6, 2014

Location: High School Library

Time: 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

 New employees:  You are required to come to this enrollment for election or declination of benefits.

Current Employees:  Please see the attached document titled “BISD – InRoll Login Instructions” for instructions on how to make your 2015-2016 TRS ActiveCare election for medical insurance. You must log in and follow the instructions to change, cancel or add new medical coverage for the 2015-16 plan year. 

If you are not changing your TRS ActiveCare medical insurance election for the upcoming plan year you do not need to login. Your coverage will remain the same. If you currently do not participate in TRS ActiveCare medical insurance and do not wish to participate in TRS ActiveCare medical insurance for 2015-16 you are required to complete an enrollment form to decline coverage.  This form is attached and can also be found at enrollment, on the BISD benefit website or at the Bullard Administration office.  Please return declinations to Stephanie Yates at Administration.

If you are unable to log in successfully please call 903-939-8133 or come to one of the above enrollment dates to see a Gentry Financial Representative.


Construction in pictures

Construction underway

Update 10/18/18

With the block layers in the background, the steel contractor started up with the framework of the new BHS band hall addition.

Update 10/2/15

The new IS classrooms are taking shape in the area that once was the courtyard. In the background are the doors leading into the sixth grade hallway. This new area will house five classrooms along with classrooms for dyslexia and speech.

Update 10/1/15

Structural steel started going up at the Intermediate School Tuesday. At the new 1-2 campus on Panther Crossing, the main slab for the south wing was poured this morning.

Update 9/30/15

Crews poured the foundations for the HS dance student and band hall today. The IS is scheduled to finish a series of ramps, and piers for the new maintenance building were poured today.

Update 9/18/15

With the gym in the background, the old Intermediate School courtyard is turning into new classroom space as workers start laying the block for the inside classroom walls. In the foreground to the left, workers set the forms for the stage area. The current cafeteria, in the background to the left, will be remodeled for the IS band program. The newly remodeled campus will be housed under one roof when complete in 2016.

Update 9/16/15

Construction crews poured the concrete for the new Intermediate School cafetorium this morning. On the right of the picture is the laser level they use to achieve the correct elevation. The raised area to the left will be the stage in the new facility.

Update 9/1/15

The top level floor at the Intermediate School remodeling is going in today. This level will house classrooms and will connect to the two existing academic wings. This area was previously the IS courtyard.

Update 8/31/15

Contractors poured the first footings at the High School today for the new band hall.

Update 8/20/15

Concrete crews poured the lower level at the Intermediate School yesterday. Crews will continue forming and will pour the upper level late next week.

Update 8/17/15

Workers began foundation work at the Middle School for the new practice gym and weight room today.

Update 8/5/15

Workers poured the first half of the HS marching band practice area today beginning about 3 a.m. They will pour the second half early Monday. Plans are to have the area ready for the band by Aug. 24.

Update 7/28/15

Crews poured concrete for Intermediate School parking last Friday, and demolition began at the Middle School to make way for the new practice gym.

Update 7/16/15

Demolition of the IS building that housed a number of programs and administrative offices over the years began today. The area will be the site of the new cafetorium. The existing cafeteria will be remodeled for band, choir and art.

Update 7/14/15

Crews poured the first concrete at the Intermediate School yesterday and dirt work began at the High School for the band hall addition, the dance studio, and the band practice field/overflow parking.


Construction under the 2015 BISD Bond began late last week, and contractors moved in the heavy equipment at the Intermediate School to start the dirt work in the courtyard. When completed, the Intermediate School will be under one roof.

As the project continues, we will post:

  • Updates on all construction projects
  • Projected costs as compared to bids as the Board of Trustees approves quotes

Construction fencing and staging areas

The blue shaded areas are the construction staging areas, and the red lines indicate construction fencing at each site. From the top: new elementary school on left/existing elementary school on right; high school; intermediate school; transportation and maintenance; middle school. Renovation of the Primary School will begin in June 2016.

Traffic patterns, especially those around the Middle School and Intermediate School will change. The district is developing plans now and will share them with parents by the first week in August.

The information, including Frequently Asked Questions, on the bond project, go to:

Original bond page

Panther crossing construction

Contractors plan to start construction of the new Panther Crossing turn lane this week. The west ES entrance will be one lane for about 20 feet, and parents can move to two lanes as shown on the map.

Construction continues on the cut-through road that will link the MS parking lot with Panther Crossing, and parents can expect some delays for the next few days because of the construction.

Benefits enrollment set

Benefit Enrollment for Medical and Voluntary Benefits (2 days only):

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 – Elementary School 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Thursday, August 21, 2014 – Elementary School 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

New employees: You are required to come to this enrollment for election or declination of benefits.

Current Employees: If you are declining medical insurance you are required to come to enrollment and sign a declination (these forms were not available at spring enrollment in May, so you must complete a declination at this enrollment). If you already met with an enrollment specialist in May and have no changes to make to your current TRS-Activecare medical insurance or voluntary benefits, you are not required to come to enrollment.

Below information is provided on the benefits. You can also visit the employee benefit webpage at for more information. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Teladoc Flyer

TRS-Activecare Cost 2014-2015

2014-2015 TRS-Activecare Plan Highlights

2014-15 Bullard ISD Benefits Bullet Sheet

Good news – IS loop open

Good news for parents

L&L Asphalt completed the Intermediate School loop, giving us a much better option for dropping off and picking up Intermediate School students. The map below shows IS parents entering the loop, traveling around and taking a right on the front circle for drop offs and pick ups.

With the loop open, IS parents can exit to HS344 on the one-way or continue back towards the Middle School and exit HW344 or turn back to School House Road.

The year, MS parents will pick up their seventh grade students in the front and parents will pick up their eighth grade students in the back.

Road first day

 Link to School House Road

Traffic priorities