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Welcome to our new web site

Welcome to Bullard ISD’s new web site. Powered by WordPress, the site was designed and developed by Kory Prince, system engineer. The goal of our web site is to deliver content for all of our constituencies, and we have streamlined the new web site to make it easier to provide you with that content.

Not all content has been moved to the new site, and BISD personnel are in the process of developing content for the new site.

Look around our new web site.

In the upper right, you will find the quick login links:

  • Faculty, staff and students will be able to log into their email with the Email link
  • Faculty, staff, students, and parents will be able to log into the district’s gradebook from the Gradebook link
  • Faculty and students will be able to access online curriculum through the Moodle link
  • All employees will be able to access their accounts through the True Time link
  • Faculty and staff will be able to edit their individual web site and post blog pages by logging in through the Web link
  • To return to the home page, all you have to do is click on the banner image at the top of the page

The slider:

The slider is the focal point of the page, and we will use it to feature stories about district events. If you have an event that you believe should be featured and have a picture to accompany the story, it will be welcomed.

In the bottom right, you will find BISD’s FaceBook page. It can be accessed both through our new web site and through FaceBook.

In the bottom left, you will find BISD’s district calendar. It will contain the official BISD academic calendar postings as well as upcoming events in the district.

Our web site will be updated on a regular basis, and we will continue to add content in all areas.

Do you have questions? Do you have suggestions? Do not hesitate to contact Lee Sleeper at